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Les Italiens sont des fils de pute

Laissez-moi voir, je veux le tuer de mes propres mains

Preface to the First Edition

Anyone who writes the history of twentieth-century Italian
Astrology at the end of the second millennium, will not fail to
remember that, having been dependent on foreign authors in
the Sixties and until the early Seventies, it soon freed itself
from them and emerged as an adult national astrological
movement of great originality.
I have observed it while going as an invited guest to several
Conferences in Italy, where I collected valuable friendships
and where these facts happened almost in front of my eyes.
However, the merit of this well-achieved growth shoult be
first of all given to a core group of enthusiasts, gathered by
or around the C.I.D.A. [André Barbault is mentioning the
first C.I.D.A. of Federico Capone and later of Serena Foglia,
editor’s note], an Italian astrological association which is much
more representative than other analogous European
associations, and the publication of “Linguaggio astrale” is
its happiest evidence.
It is precisely in such a background that I met Ciro [the
then vice-president of C.I.D.A., editor’s note], whom I
immediately saw as a fervent bearer of the future.
I started by appreciating his prudence. He certainly was
not one of the many agitators who want to revolutionize
everything, absolutely ignorant of where they are acting -
heirless miscarriages of venture. If you want to shake the
fruit tree, first of all you need to learn to do so because you
can’t go into the Palace of Urania in your slippers. Nor did I
miss to understand his vocation, his demand, his search for
“something else”, since he was no slave to tradition. So, I
understood that for him too, things were not that easy.
On one hand, the spirit of kinship “ especially when
you are a Cancer “ is an advisor. Of course, tradition,
supported by a “we”, gives the impression that we passively
follow a vast and blurred droning of a great family of noble
lineage whose knowledge is stammering. However, it is
not less necessary to be inspired by this vehicle of
collective memory, because a word from the past is not
overcome if it remains alive and if the trunk of our tree still
remains strong. On the other hand, those who do not go
through this path, eat a sour fruit which sets their teeth on
edge, and the solitary man who wants to go along this
warpath again in one life, then rediscovering all by himself,
condemns himself to fabricating his own myth. It is so
much wiser, then, to listen to the ancients!
But on the other hand, and so much so with great Uranian
values, shouldn’t we liberate Astrology from a superego of a
fossilizing tradition? Should we eternally run in circles, to do
again in the twentieth century what Ptolemy had done in the
second, Giuntino in the Renaissance and Morin in the
seventeenth century.
Let’s beware from bending to the mentality of the past,
from lining ourselves on the ancient, from being towed by
the already done.
If Astrology possesses a part of truth that is based on a
reality, it is immortal. But it is not alive in the sense that it
follows mechanically the beats of time, if it is able to reinvent
itself, reincarnating itself in the spirit of the men of every
epoch and remaining fecundated by such renewal.
Paradoxically, I got to say to myself, reading the
Tetrabiblos: what does it matter what Ptolemy thought about
what I find, since what I find helps me to understand and
improves my knowledge.
Ciro is exactly the kind of free spirit who looks for a new
way in modern thought. Searching for the strength of the
right track, he very soon became sensitive to the charm that,
at that time, “Symbolic Astrology” was beginning to hold.
Astrology that, giving itself back to its psychic field, finding
again its psychological function-virtue, re-gained its
justification to also become an avant-guarde knowledge.
In his astrological track, he then rooted himself to the values
of modern psychology. A strong position that, for example,
today frees him from the sirens’ song of a Reincarnationist
Astrology which goes along a crazy path diving into something
that we cannot know. However, his mental opening is equally
great: this I criticize of Statistics, the practice out of the need
for scientific nature, knowing well that you need to do it but
without making too many illusions. It is never in vain that we
clash against the core of one’s intellectual needs.
Everyone knows that Ciro “he first in Italy” launched
himself in the venture of information technology and his
important electronic tools, with the first researches, helped
by a small team of collaborators, locates him today at the
vanguard on the international Astrological scene.
Such a rare generosity for the cause lets us hope that he
will reach his aimed target: giving an order to an Astrology
which is not yet judged for what it is, but for what it is believed
to be, or for what we would want it to be.
This enthusiast, already made strong by a huge work, leads
us contemporarily in a particular adventure: that of the expert
who dives, with his sleeves rolled up, in the practice familiar
to his cabinet of consultation. The expert is completely at
ease and does not hesitate risking even before the field of
“elections”, so dear to Morin, a field in which conscience
clashes on the border of where you can go without going too

But, in the right distance between “pianissimo” and
“fortissimo”, who will complain for his excellent company?



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Anonimo ha detto...

Chi ha tradotto, un bambino extracomunitario delle elementari?

Anonimo ha detto...

Qui non si parla di rivoluzioni solari, mirate o non mirate.

Astromauh ha detto...

No, qui non si parla di rivoluzioni solari. André Barbault elogia Ciro Discepolo per le sue ricerche nel campo dell'ereditarietà astrale.

André Barbault è caduto ingenuamente nella trappola di Discepolo, perché crede che queste ricerche siano state fatte realmente e che abbiano ricevuto l'imprimatur del dipartimento di statistica dell'Università di Napoli Federico II.

Come faceva Barbault, che nemmeno conosce l'italiano, a rendersi conto che si trattava di una balla di Discepolo?

Ciro Discepolo ripete da 20 anni che i professori universitari Luigi D'Ambra e Francesco Mola hanno certificato i suoi risultati statistici.

Peccato però che i professori citati non concordano con ciò che afferma Discepolo.

Il professore Luigi D'Ambra ha anche diffidato Discepolo dal fare il suo nome senza il suo consenso.

La balla raccontata da Discepolo è talmente grossa che si finisce con il crederla genuina.

Una persona potrebbe mai immaginare che Discepolo che ha citato innumerevoli volte i nomi dei professori si sia inventato tutto?

Eppure è questa la realtà, i professori non hanno mai scritto da nessuna parte di aver dimostrato che nascono più figli della media con l'ascendente uguale al segno del padre.

E' solo Discepolo che dice che i professori hanno certificato la sua statistica.

Qualcuno però penserà che Barbault sia un complice di Discepolo.

Anonimo ha detto...

Barbault elogia perché è stato ingannato da Discepolo che ha millantato grandiosi risultati statistici invece inventati di sana pianta. C'è cascato per eccesso di fiducia, come quelli che hanno scritto il libro che Astromauh ha criticato e smascherato.